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Angie Warenko

At The Colour Room, I am your stylist.

I am a little on the flamboyant side. I have a major love for all things beauty! 

So not only am I obsessed with hair and extensions I also love makeup and fashion.

I somehow spend hours on Youtube getting makeup tutorials, Pinterest for inspiration and absolutely Instagram for ideas and to keep current, where is your inspiration coming from?

Hair products I cant live without are leave in treatments, oil and hair masks! Voir Haircare has my back, and yours too!

Makeup lover that I am, of course always up to try new brands, give me your favs- and I'm happy to try. 

Little secret of mine is that my Spanish is about 20% fluent however that doesn't stop me from listening to Reggeaton all day every day. Maybe one day I'll get my Rosetta Stone course completed and I'll know more of what Im listening to; as of now I'll just listen and love the rhythm. 

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