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Hotel shower



Brush out extensions with a BathPack before getting into shower. This helps to prevent deep tangles and matting.

Use a sulphate & paraben-free shampoo and conditioner to prolong the health of your hair colour, the extension colour and cuticle of extensions. Shampoo gently between rows, no need for vigorous scrubbing. *Flo Shampoo , Malibu Scalp Wellness or Ph Balance 

Use a leave in & oil combination . *Voir Walk in the Sun Oil & 7 Seconds Leave-in * right after your shower and before you brush hair with the BathPack again. 

When brushing wet hair, start from the ends and work your way up to the scalp. Hold the hair in one hand ( pinched in a ponytail ) and brush down. Best to split in half and work in sections easier to hold. 


Rough dry your hair 80% of the way ( just fingers and blowdryer - no brushes or combs ) This applies to getting blown out in salon also. Make sure to communicate to whom ever is styling your hair not to brush when wet or damp. DO NOT ROUND BRUSH HAIR WHEN WET. 

You can use a round brush to smooth and finish when the hair is almost dry, in small sections with *Voir Oil* in the hair to give slip.

If curling you’r extensions, run the curling iron or flat iron over hair once or twice to smooth the cuticle down before placing curls or straightening. This will give the hair a more polished and finished look. 

Use no higher temperature than 350 on extensions to keep the integrity of the hair, only use professional grade tools to ensure the heat is accurate and not going to burn the hair. 

Heat protecter prior to reheating hair for the 2nd time is a must *Flow Armour *is a hair protectant that has heat and uv protection. 


Brush the extension hair out, then place in loose pony, top knot, braid to sleep. Hair should be dry prior to sleeping. ( the top of the wefts can get itchy if you sleep on wet or damp hair )


  • After a few washes, the extension hair will expand, and take on a more realistic hair texture 

  • if you notice any excess tangling or hair shedding please contact your stylist, as these are quick fixes when addressed right away

  • You can live a normal, active lifestyle with NBR, just treat the extension with some gentleness to keep the looking their best, the longest. 

  • NEVER let sunscreen or suntan oil touch the hair. They will discolour and cannot be colour corrected.

  • ALWAYS wash after swimming with a clarifying shampoo *Malibu UNDO Goo or Swimmers * to remove unwanted chemicals and toxins in the hair, that will dry the extensions out and make the life span shorter. 

  • I hope you love your NBR extensions as much as I do!! Please feel free to email with ANY questions or concerns regarding your NBR.

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