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Sleeping with Extensions Tips and Tricks

Hello Lovely Ladies!!!

Wanted to chat with you about a few amazing tips and tricks that every Extension girl needs to know!

FYI This doesn't only apply to extension girls! Wether you bought it or grow it- you can use these tips!!! So if you have a friend who's got long hair send this over to her, she will thank you I promise!!

1. Brush your hair really well before bed- even if its curled or waved brush it so you don't start your day off with any tangles!!!

2. Tie your hair with a scrunchie, be it in a top knot, braid, twists or even just a pony, this keeps your hair from getting tangled up while your sleeping, and keeping it out of your face. *my husband likes my hair in a top knot so it doesnt whip him in the face when i lay down.

3. A Silk Pillow Case is a Must!

Not only are they good for your hair they are great for your skin. You should consider using one to extend the life of your hair especially if you have invested in hair extensions. This is also great for fragile fine hair. The slip of the silk case causes less friction on your fine locks. The fact they feel soooo luxurious doest hurt!!

On another note,

Spring is on its way!!!

Now is the time to start thinking about what you want your summer hair to look like!! We have all been in quarantine so we've had plenty of time to miss our salon visits.

If your wanting to go blonder perhaps its best to ask your stylist for recommendations on treatments or homecare that you can do to help your hair be ready for your next hair visit!

I personally recommend Flow Shampoo and Voir Rain Mask to get as much moisture in the hair as possible so when we take you blonder, it will be healthy enough to go as light as we want it to without it drying out!!



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