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Got Split Ends???

I know its been at least 3 months since Ive had a haircut, how long has it been for you??

A big thing I was struggling with is how dry and gross my ends were feeling!!!

Since I too cannot get a haircut (( and wont do my own hair!! )) I was on the hunt for the best solution for all of us!

Head Mistress This is a lotion you put on the last few inches of your hair to seal down your cuticle, essentially "gluing" your split ends together to make the hair feel amazing. Now nothing gets rid of a split end besides cutting them off!! But you know, even when we can get trims, most of us don't want to cut off the split end off entirely unless were going from long to short!! (( split ends can be all the way up the hair shaft or at minimum an inch up your ends )) Using Head Mistress daily or after a wash, will make your hair feel its very best! Is a great solution for all of us, to seal those split ends - when cutting them off is not an option.

How Often Should You Get a Haircut???

As a stylist who specializes long hair and extensions it will be different than someone who does short or barbered cuts.

My gals get their hair cut once every 2-3 months! This way they get rid of the dry ends to prevent splits, and are always paired up with their colour service!

No need for 4 week haircuts in my world.


It doesn't really matter if you trim your hair every month to get it to feel good if your using shitty products, your hair will be shitty.

Professional Products that are recommended specifically for your hair needs will work to make your hair become the best it can be.

When using the correct shampoo and conditioner your hair will last longer between washes, style easier and get the nutrients it needs to heal or maintain its health. Styling products are just that, want your hair to style easier and keep the style you want? Using the correct product will ensure that your style holds and stays put so you look your best for days!

Im here for you, send me an email and I will help you pick out all the perfect products to make your hair work in your favour!!

Due to Covid and CodeRed , Curb-Side and Delivery Drop-Off is still the way were doing retail sales. Please click the link to make your order, and ill email to back to Confirm Order and arrange PickUp/Delivery.

xox Angie

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