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American Gals

For you gals in the USA, all you need to do is have your valid passport or enhanced drivers license to cross the border.

Here are the borders you can use, listed are the hours they are open and the average drive time from port of entry to the studio.

(( hours of border may change so please check your local port for current information ))

Walhalla of Port of Entry.

Hours : 8am - 6pm

35-40 min 

Neche / Gretna Port of Entry

Hours : 8am - 4pm

45 min 

Pembina / Emerson Port of Entry

Hours :  24hours 

50-60 min

Maida–Windygates Port of Entry

Hours : 9am - 5pm 

25 - 30 min 

Currency / Payment options

Payment can be made with USD Cash, Check or Credit Card, my Point Of Sale machine uses the daily rate of exchange for the conversion. 

If you happen to have Canadian Dollars, you can use that but I am happy to accept USD.

(( all my education/software is in USD so my system operates with it easily))

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