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When your hair looks good, and you love what you have got going on, but it needs some attention.


-A touch up on your colour, to cover those greys

-Freshen up your money piece and gloss the hair to bring out that bright blonde again


-Adding some dimension or blur your regrowth.


Then a Freshen Up is exactly what you need.

1.5 hours 

._._2 rows of 18” of hand tied hair ._._One million baby lites_.__edited.jpg


Add length, volume or both in less then 4 hours

I am specialized in the art and science of Natural Beaded Rows, this method uses hand tied hair and has minimal points of contact. No glue or tape - just natural, lightweight results. 

Thank you for your interest in NBR Hand- Tied Extensions!

In each installation I custom colour the hand-tied extension hair to match the natural hair and create a multidimensional seamless blend that enhances your natural beauty, gives your hair an effortless lived in luxurious look!

Click button below, fill out the form to let me know your interested in more information and I will reach out to you in 1-2 business days to set up a phone consultation where I can answer any questions you may have before booking your installation. 

For accurate prices we need to do a consultation but average investment


 18' inch

one row 800$-1300$ 

two rows  $1500

20 inch

one row $1200

two rows $1500- $2000

22 inch

one row $1500

two rows $2200 and up 


monthly $125-$175

8 week $150-$250 

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